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Ann "Cardinal" Needle Felted Bird on Linen BackgroundAnn "Nancy's Bluebirds" Needle Felted Birds on Linen BackgroundCharles "It's All Happening At The Zoo"Charles "Zoo Too"Cynthia P. "Clouds"Cynthia P. "Swans"Cynthia W. "Bird Lantern #1"Cynthia W. "Bird Lantern #2"Cynthia W. "Who Am I?"Elizabeth O. "I Love You"Jeanne "Along The Pier"Jeanne "Best Of Friends"Jeanne "Happy Day"Jeanne U. "Water Babies"Jennifer P. "Eurasian Eagle Owl"Jennifer P. "Hooded Merganser"Jennifer P. "Penguin Family"Jennifer P. "The Almost Sleeping Goose"Joe-Anna  "Dyed Resist on Silk"Joe-Anna "Bird Castle"