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Ann "Greenbrier Rail Trail, WV."Chuck  "Soaring" Alkyd PaintCynthia P. "Artwork #1"Cynthia P. "Artwork #2"Cynthia W. "Beauty" PhotographyEva "Citrus Kiss" 16" x 20" Acrylic on canvasEva "Coneflowers in Yellow" Alcohol Ink on YupoJoe-Anna  "Artwork #1" PhotographyJoe-Anna  "Artwork #2" PhotographyJoe-Anna  "Artwork #3" PhotographyKaren D. "Swallowtail" Eggshell MosaicKaren D. "Untitled" WatercolorKaren D. 'Behind the Chaos' Colored PencilLinda S. "Colorful Chaos"Margaret "Sunset" PhotographyMargaret "Walter's Corvette" AcrylicRichard "Crimson Embrace VI"Richard "The Colors of Life"Sharon “Tranquility “ oil on canvasStephen "Bombs For Bread"