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My mom claims that I came out of the womb motivated to create. As a young child, she could barely keep up with buying me craft kits. My first art class was in high school. I was very fortunate to have an art teacher that believed in me. After high school, I attended Syracuse University and fell in love with color and everything it offers. I exhibited as an artist for 10 years and then returned to Syracuse University to complete my master’s degree in art education. My 20+ years as an art educator enabled me to learn so much from my students and mutually share the joy of creating. I continue to explore color as I focus on paper collage and painting on tiles, striving to bring innovation to traditional artmaking. To see more examples of my work visit
Beyond the Garden, Paper CollageHibiscus - All Fenced In, Paper CollageQuiet Sunset, Ink on TileSecred Pond Reflection, Paper Collage