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To make a long story short, I, Chuck, first I received my associates degree in advertising design from M.V.C.C. in Utica, N.Y.. Then I went to N.Y.C. to go to the School of Visual Arts where I got my bachelors for studying illustration and photography. After working as an illustrator I took a job teaching figure painting and watercolors at a community center. There I met a student that told me about a job at a psychiatric hospital that I took, and spent thirty years as a recreation therapist, teaching studio art and ukulele. At this time I also took Scuba lessons, got certified and started taking underwater photographs. During this time I worked on several murals for the hospital and took on several personal commissions. After retiring from the hospital, my wife and I moved from the city to Baldwinsville to become part time babysitters for our first grandchild, (and to join the Central New York Art Guild). Presently I have been working on paintings done from photographs taken on my dive vacations in the Caribbean and Hawaii.
Bottlenose Top View - AcrylicCaymon Canyon - AcrylicEight Arms - AcrylicFrog Diptych - AcrylicGiant - AcrylicHawksbill - AcrylicHunter - AcrylicLone Manta - AcrylicMagnificent Frigatebirds - AcrylicNautilus - AcrylicPerfect Day - AcrylicPolar Dive - AcrylicSeahorse - AcrylicStar - AcrylicTiger and Jacks - Acrylic