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"I've been creating art on and off for years whenever I find time. I enjoy all media, from the loose freedom of watercolor to acrylics and oils, mixed media, metal tape art, mini books made of rocks and paper and other found bits - pretty much any media that interests and inspires me at the moment!

I find inspiration in everything around me, colors, shapes and images from nature, books, and my own imagination. I enjoy creating art that is whimsical, fun and cute, as well as more traditional subjects such as still lives and landscapes.

Sometimes it feels like I'm constantly changing my focus and interests with such a broad range of media and subjects and styles, but the constant movement from one to the other keeps me inspired and I'm often found working on several completely different projects at a time!
Beginning the Journey of a Lifetime, WatercolorChair In CafeClaudiaDiamond, AcrylicDrifting, mini book made of wood, paper, wire and beadsNibbles wanted to create beauty with a brush but he was simply too small and the brushes too big, AcPensive, WatercolorPizza Cutter Bird - Eggshell MosaicSSB1Sun-Dappled, Watercolor and InkThree Carrots, Colored PencilThree, AcrylicUntitled, WatercolorWaiting for a Friend, Watercolor