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Robert L. Kasprzycki was born in Connecticut and first showed an interest in art at the age of eight. Initially drawing cartoons, he expanded his interest to portraits and scenery utilizing pastels, watercolors, then oils and acrylics.

This creative knack expanded to his profession as an industrial designer and manager, working in corporate designing innovative products, and mentoring others as an adjunct professor. There are several design patents and a mechanical patent to his credit. He later transitioned careers to instructional design and training, working for a variety of corporations, universities, non-profits, and the military.
At Syracuse University, he received his first instruction in art, working toward a five year Bachelor degree in Industrial Design. For the most part, however, he is self-schooled in fine art techniques. He has completed a number of commissioned artworks and has exhibited in a number of galleries and festivals.
He served in the military as a United States Army Reserve Officer in the active reserves for over a decade. Bob moved to Central New York in the 80’s and now resides in Cazenovia, NY with his wife, Linda. The Central New York area is the subject of several of his paintings. Man and nature are typically a theme, and this influence is present in still-life and landscape paintings. He completed two masters’ degrees and changed careers to training development / instructional design.

In his paintings, Bob strives to hold onto a moment that in time will be lost, to preserve a memory. He loves nature, the wilderness, surprises that seem to be in every detail. He seeks out scenes in nature that capture serenity and tranquility. When using oils, his goal is to impart representational realism. With acrylics, his techniques are more spontaneous, where he opts for a more interpretational approach, bordering on contemporary realism. He enjoys being creative, exploring new techniques, textures, content, and even new palettes. Beyond oils and acrylics, he also has experimented with digital media, integrating his previous career of industrial design, creating automotive renderings that are extremely precise. For Bob, the scene will dictate the medium; painting means approaching each scene and subject differently for each subject is unique.
Having a wide range of interests, he enjoys photography, tennis, traveling, volunteering, and writing (he has recently self-published a novel entitled “The Talisman”). However, art is his primary focus.

The media that the artist prefers is oils. Other media that he uses include acrylics for contemporary realism, as well as digital media techniques for realistic automotive renderings. He started his business, Kasprzycki Artistry, in 2018 so he can concentrate on fine art as a profession. The artists Bob most admires are Joe McGurl and the late Ken Davies.
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2007 Corvette, 16" x 20" DigitalAutumn Harvest, 15" x 28" Oil on PanelDiamond in the Rough, OilDistant Dream, OilOne, 24" x 18" Oil on PanelShelburne, OilSummer's End, 14" x 30" Oil on PanelThe Alcove, 30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas