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Ann "Leafy Brilliance" Needle felted wool paintingBeth  "In the Air" Encaustic Collage "5x7"Beth  "Sunrise" PhotographyBeverly "Thru A Leaf at Longbranch" PhotographyChuck "The Green Man"Cynthia P. "Artwork #1"Cynthia P. "Artwork #2" PhotographyCynthia P. "Artwork #3"Cynthia P. "Artwork #4"Cynthia P. "Palmetto Looking Up" PhotographyCynthia W. "Floating Leaves" PhotographyCynthia W. "Leaves and Reflection" PhotographyCynthia W. "Leaves" Alcohol InksCynthia W. "Nature's Silhouette" PhotographyEva H. "Fall Tapestry" 11" x 14" Alcohol inks on mineral paperJerry D. Alcohol Ink on GlassJoy  "Sweetgum Palette Floating"Joy "Artwork # 1" PhotographyJoy "Sweetgum Palette Iced Over"Karen D. "Leaves In Autumn" Oil Paint on Board