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When I was a kid there was nothing better than a brand new box of crayons. I loved all the colors! As an adult, I still do.

My passion for art continued at Rhode Island College where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Photography.

I am drawn to nature themes, and subjects with strong graphic elements. Old buildings and architectural details such as doors and windows are always a favorite.

A large part of my work is in glass, which really feeds my love of color. I am fascinated by the way the colors of glass interact when they catch the light. It is true bliss!

Another artistic love of mine is pointillism. I've always been intrigued by Georges Seurat's painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte". Seurat believed that dots of pure color, when placed next to each other and seen by the human eye as a single shade or hue, appear more brilliant and powerful than standard brush strokes.
While some can't understand how creating a picture with nothing but tiny dots can be enjoyable, I find it quite meditative.

I constantly strive to learn and grow as an artist. Besides glass and technical pen, I enjoy working in watercolor, acrylic, photography and pastel.

If only there were more hours in the day!
Years Gone By, WatercolorCool Spectrum, Glass 8" x 8"