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I’m so inspired to recreate the beautiful imagery and feelings of the Finger Lakes area of Central New York. Beach glass, stones, pottery, tile, driftwood and shells are gathered by me from the lakes and shores throughout CNY.

I grew up on the water and it’s still my favorite place to be. Beach combing and glass hunting is half the fun of designing my artwork. Each little treasure is lovingly collected and carefully washed. I then use them along with watercolor or pastels to create my hand-made works of art….each one unique and inspired.

My background is in art and business, and I have worked in the interior design field for many years.
A Summer Flock ~ Watercolor and Natural FindingsAlong the Shore ~ Watercolor w/driftwood, beach glass, shells & potteryBest Friends ~ Driftwood, beach glass, shells & potteryCustom Dragonflies ~ Watercolor w/beach glass & shellsFernandina Birds ~ Soft PastelGeneva Shore ~ Watercolor and Natural FindingsHouse is Not a Home Without Paw Prints ~ Beach glass, driftwood & hand letteringLake Love ~ Watercolor w/beach glass, stones & potteryLove in the Snow ~ Beach glass, shells & driftwoodNight Watch ~ Watercolor w/beach glass, stones & potteryPeking ~ Soft PastelPuppy Kisses ~ Watercolor w/beach glass & driftwoodSummer Friends ~ Watercolor and Natural FindingsSummer Kisses ~ Watercolor w/shells, beach glass & stonesSunday Morning ~ Watercolor and Natural Findings