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"Archer Reed" Charcoal by Marrin Owens Union Springs HS"Arches" Matte Acrylic by Harper Stoppacher Fayetteville Manlius HS"Beach Days" Digital Graphics by Lucy Neimeier W.Genesee HS"Bright Endings" Photography by Hannah Li Fayetteville-Manlius HS"Caleb" Pencil by Nevaeh Taylor Faith Heritage HS"Confidence" Digital Art by Deanna Nutting Marcellus HS"Emergence" Digital Photography by Corrie Youker C.W. Baker HS"Evening Waltz" Acrylic Painting by Kate Ruddy Bishop Ludden HS"Finally At Peace" Charcoal by Chloe Pine Union Springs HS"Hands of Hope" Photography by Nevaeh Taylor Faith Heritage HS"Human Nature" Mixed Media by Maribeth Trivison West Genesee HS"Lux Libertas" Ceramic by Benjamin Watling Marcellus HS"Memories" Acrylic Painting by Timothy Jiang Bishop Ludden HS"Migration" Oil Painting by Victoria Horton Fayetteville Manlius HS"Monolithic Meadow" Ceramic by Margaret McClain C.W. Baker HS"Mr. Hall" Clay, Stains & Paint by Sadie Raynor Fayetteville Manlius HS"Nathan" Charcoal and Pastel by Sophia Cattalani Skaneateles HS"Nature's Guidance" Block Print by Lindsay Carroll Lafayette HS"Photo Booth" Acrylic on Paper by Molly Teska C.W. Baker HS"Sprouting Hope" Mixed Media by Katie Naprawa C.W. Baker HS