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It all started in 8th grade with a dedicated teacher and a loving father. The first helped me discover an interest in art, the second bought me my first set of paints and never stopped encouraging me. Many years later I’m still at it, still painting, still learning and enjoying.

Though mostly self taught, there have been several Decorative Art teachers and designers who have influenced my style, which is mostly realistic, sometimes impressionistic, but not restricted only there. Every once in a while I’m a bit whimsical too.

While concentrating on Decorative Art for the past 38 years, my children swear that “If it sits still long enough, I’ll paint on it” is my motto.

Among the many types of surfaces I’ve painted are walls, wood, sea shells, fabric, metal, glass, porcelain, egg shells, gourds, ceramic tiles, and linoleum, not to mention the more usual paper and canvas.

My goal is to bring beauty to the everyday, to where we live and the things we use. Naturescapes, still lifes, and animals have been my main focus, but I’m learning to enjoy portraits too. It’s a fun challenge.
"At River's Edge", Acrylic 11" x 14""Breña", Graphite 11" x 14""Who Knew Camouflage Could Be So Much Fun", Acrylic 8" x 10""Copper & Garlic", Acrylic on a Pizza Peel, 15""Did Someone Say Gramma's House", Oil 8" x 10""Fairy Hangout", Acrylic 8" x 10""Hummingbird and Wisteria", on a Wooden Box, Acrylic 9" x 12""Sea Turtle", Acrylic 16" x 20""Tangerine Still Life" on a barrel stave, Acrylic 7" x 23"